Number Dipping - Home Location Registry (HLR) Platform

Benefits of using BSI’s HLR Query Service:

·   Higher ratio of completed calls
·   TRUE LCR  (25 – 35% savings)

·   Predictability of vendors true charges
·   More accurate billing to customers
·   Rapid deployment
·   No Capital Expenditures for equipment
·   No long term contract (month to month)

Who should use BSI’s HLR Query Service?

·   Call Centers
·   SMS Carriers

·   Users of Least Cost Routing Engines
·   Enterprise Companies with large call volume
·   Manufacturers of Least Cost Routing Engines
·   Large users of open source PBX (Asterisk)

See Sample Report      See HLR Error Code Definitions

People change their numbers, travel out of their home network and change service providers while keeping their original mobile numbers. In situations like this, number validation is of great value. Knowing what numbers are available for sending can substantially reduce the costs of any SMS campaign.

Connect with the relevant mobile numbers home network and can identify whether the subscriber's handset is roaming on another network, currently active or has been disabled..

Number validation provides information on what the original network was and which network the subscriber is currently with, efficiently resolving number portability issues.

BSI HLR Query Service allows Customer to submit a query in real time to the BSI HLR database using the method(s) specified by BSI.  Upon receipt of an authorized query, BSI will return a response that contains International Subscriber Identity (IMSI), Mobile Country Code (MCC), Mobile Network Code (MNC) Mobile Servicing Center (MSC), Ported (y/n), Roaming (y/n), Error Code (I.E No_Error, Absent_Subscriber, Unknown_Subscriber, etc) and whether or not the error code is permanent (I.E. bad number that can never accept a call) along with any additional information as per the relevant API documentation for the method chosen.


Why the need for BSI’s HLR Query Service?

Enterprises, resellers, retailers and other business that need to ensure that campaigns or messages are accurately delivered can rapidly verify mobile numbers and reduce messaging costs..

re-verify and “clean-up” existing databases of mobile numbers that are kept by companies.

Wholesale HLR Query Price USD $0.005 per Dip with Minimum $99 purchase
Volume pricing available for 1M dips or more.



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