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Basic Solution now offers a Private Label, Software as a Service, Hosted Carrier Switching (HCS) Platform. Our system delivers a redundant cluster of multi-user high capacity sip switches in a self-healing cloud infrastructure. The network is modularized for limitless scalability and spontaneous growth. Spawned by years of real life production across numerous landscapes of demands our platform and software were born in house and built from the ground up. We are the most tested, performance proven platform available for wholesale carriers, service providers, call centers, and small telephony operators worldwide. Our system is a very high CPS SIP switch, featuring:

•    LCR and QOS routing,
•    Multiple modes of profit protection,
•    Mixed LRN and dialed number routing,

•    Realtime customer and vendor balance updating,
•    Billing engine allowing pre and post pay modeling and variable cost rounding,
•    Periodic Invoicing with Merchant and PayPal Integration

Rates Management:
•    Easy Vendor Rates Upload and Scheduling
•    Easy Customer Rates Upload, Scheduling and Notification
•    Full NPANXX Breakout with IntRA, IntER and Indeterminate Jurisdiction

•    Weekly, nightly, and live traffic reporting,
•    Multiple error response modes,
•    Comprehensive Customer and Vendor CDR Reports

The switch is blindingly fast, agile, and built lean in order to perform in all telecom weather conditions. You will easily manage activity fluctuations from high density call attempts down to adjustments for those legacy systems running at slow calls per second. The system is built on a foundation of reliability and fault tolerance refined and tested by years of production and a record of 99.999% uptime.    

The Web based interface is secure, military grade encryption, and can be accessed from any internet connection. The interface is feature rich with an array of preferences expected in any established industrial grade cloud based network.   Sign in and build your vendor stack and customer base with confidence. Select variables for rates, rate tables, rate notifications, and balance warnings for both customer and vendor. Set credit limits for customer and/or vendors as well, right along with notifications and reminders.

Agents will love working with you. An agent portal is available with the ability to quickly assign agents to their customers, place variable commission percentages, and run monthly accounting modules that calculate commissions.  The portal has performance windows where an agent can view how each of their customers are performing daily, weekly, and monthly. You will be able to monitor and manage all of your agents with ease and accuracy, preserving time and efficiency.

Come tour the BSI Hosted Carrier Swtich feature set. What we have so much to offer. The system was designed, developed, and deployed on the premise of functionality, first and foremost; very much unlike other systems where structure rules. Structure should never hinder functionality. Managing your traffic should never be encumbered by layers of proprietary licenses and restrictive access. Our network is in a continuous evolution of improvements and changes, keeping in pace with the telecom community. Come see for yourself what we have to offer.

Call 1-866-844-8647 option one or email; now for your tour and see the network so many others have used through some of the most demanding political and campaigning seasons over the last seven years. Ask us about:

•    Our fault tolerance load balancer
•    How elastic routing works
•    Modular routing logic
•    Round robin vendor routing
•    High capacity call routing
•    Additional features on our interface giving unparallel management for your vendors and customers.

Additional Features:

Primary Features:
Modular system design
Live Customer and Vendor balances
Separate user interface for administrators
Separate user interface for Customers
Separate user interface for Agents
Multiple customer logins
User security levels
10 second maximum change propagation
Customer and Vendor balance, credit, etc snapshots every 5 minutes
Unified login for all users
Universal Change logging
Universal and focused change log viewer

Fault Tolerant load balancer
LCR (IntER, IntRA, Indeterminate)
Set LRN or DNS per customer
Elastic routing infrastructure
Full USA NPANXX Breakouts
Modular routing logic
Round Robin vendor routing
High capacity call routing
Exact footprint dialing
Multiple SIP Error ‘Modes'
Priority Vendor Routing
International Routing
CLI/CLD Blocking
Profit Guarantee Based Routing

Custom rate allocation
Global rate allocation
Rate scheduling system
Automatic Tariff and Rates cleaning
Adjustable call cost rounding decimals
Customer Rate Notification System
International Rated Deck Capability
Profit Monitor and Alert System

Customer Management:
Global customer view
Detailed customer information page
Bulk IP allocation for customers
Customer controlled IP authentication
35 day customer/vendor/agent trend data
5 minute customer statistical reports
Live Call testing application
Customer tagging system
Customer filtering system
Customer profitability monitor
Customer profitability guarantee
Settable Balance warning system
Customer Shut-off notification System
Daily customer reports
Customer Training Survey
Customer Representative Assignment
Easily Scriptable download of customer CDRs and invoices
Customer max daily spending limit
Customer Low Traffic Alert

Vendor Management:
Daily vendor reports
Vendor IP allocation
Vendor rate allocation
Vendor Maximum Balance
Vendor Maximum Balance Warning percentage notification
Vendor Tagging system
Tariff tagging system
Vendor filtering system
35 day vendor trend data
FAS Detection and Monitro

Finance Billing Accounting:
Pre-paid billing engine
Post-paid billing engine
Credit rights
Payment tracking
Weekly invoices
Nightly CDR delivery
Nightly account summary
LRN billing
Dialed number billing
Jurisdictional billing
Online CC payment portal
Vendor balance alert

Agent Portal:
Agent back office login
Set preferences for customer that includes notifications.
Agent Accounting
Set variable commission rate module
Commission percentages settable per customer
Agent Invoicing with Survey
Customer management module for all agent customers
  More New Features

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