Number Dipping - Local Routing Number (LRN) Platform

Benefits of using BSI’s LRN Dipping Service:

·   Higher ratio of completed calls
·   TRUE LCR  (25 – 35% savings)

·   Predictability of vendors true charges
·   More accurate billing to customers
·   Proper IntER vs IntRA state billing
·   Rapid deployment
·   No Capital Expenditures for equipment
·   No long term contract (month to month)

Who should use BSI’s LRN Dipping Service?

·   Call Centers
·   VoIP Termination Carriers

·   Users of Least Cost Routing Engines
·   Enterprise Companies with large call volume
·   Manufacturers of Least Cost Routing Engines
·   Large users of open source PBX (Asterisk)

If you are not using BSI’s LRN Dipping Service, you are likely paying 25 – 35% more than necessary for your voice traffic, experiencing more incomplete calls than necessary, and having difficulty reconciling invoices from your vendors.

Using our Location Routing Number (LRN) dipping service, you can efficiently complete calls to the correct operator while avoiding dropped or incorrect calls and unnecessary and expensive default dips charged from a local exchange carrier (LEC) - all while minimizing capital investments and operational expenses.

It is in every VoIP providers interest to make sure they have access to an LRN (Local Routing Number) dipping service.

Why the need for BSI’s LRN Dipping Service?

It used to be possible to accurately predict your phone bill by looking at your CDRs and comparing the Dialed Number with the rate charged by the carrier to whom the call was sent.  All that was needed was the Dialed Number and a carrier who would take the call at a predefined published rate per minute.  The use of a Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine, could allow for significant savings through its ability to select the carrier that would charge the least amount per minute for that call.  Due to recent changes related to Line Number Portability (LNP) the landscape has changed significantly.  If you are still using the old Dialed Number method, chances are you are experiencing failed calls and unexpected charges from your vendor(s).

Before LNP was established, the NPA-NXX-X of a telephone number identified the state and rate center where the number was originally assigned, the service provider and the carrier type (wireline or wireless). Today, because telephone numbers have been ported between wireline and wireless service providers, the NPA-NXX-X of a telephone number only identifies the state and rate center where the number was originally assigned.

Local Number Portability (LNP) is made technically feasible by the Location Routing Number (LRN), a unique 10-digit telephone number assigned to each switch. The LRN approach made it possible to introduce LNP without radically changing the Public Switched Telephone Network. It allowed the existing routing paradigm to remain in place, permitting a gradual conversion of the network to handle LNP traffic.  The LRN’s NPA-NXX-X now serves as the network address that helps communications service providers cost-effectively route calls and traffic to their proper destinations.

Calls are routed based on the telephone number. The NPA-NXX-X is the address of the switch serving the telephone number. When a number is ported, the 10 digit LRN is associated with the ported number. Calls to the ported number are instead routed based on the 10 digit LRN.


Wholesale LRN Dipping Options

Select the LRN option that is best for you
Ask how about FREE LRN dips
when using our Hosted Carrier Switch


Option 1
LRN Daily Delta Files
$500 per month
Includes daily delta downloads and unlimited dips to your own database. 
Option 2
LRN Dipping (heavy)
$125.00 per week
Includes 25M dips/week.  Additional dips are billed at $0.000005/dip.
Option 3
LRN Dipping (lite)
$50.00 per week
Includes 2.5M dips/week.  Additional dips are billed at $0.00002/dip.


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